Lift-In Schedule 2012

Lift-In Schedule 2012

27 March

Please check out your time slot for Lift-In this Saturday, the 31st March in this section.

Lift In Schedule - See time order below:
Lift In is scheduled for Saturday with the first lift taking place at 8:00am. Please ensure that you are down at least an hour before your lift as typically Lift In will run ahead of schedule. All volunteers should plan on being down and ready for the Safety Briefing at 7:30am, first Lift  will commence lifting immediately after the Safety Briefing.

We would hope to get ahead of schedule and indeed should have the first boat ready for the lift no later than 8. If you are scheduled to be lifted in the first hour, please ensure that you give yourself an hour to ensure that your boat is ready to be lifted in.

Painting under pads:
If you require your antifoul to be completed once your boat is taken in the slings please ensure that you have the correct paint and roller or brush on hand. The Boatmen Dan and Andrew will complete this job as soon as the boat is ready- please find them close to your lift time.

Breakfast & Lunch:
Breakfast for all boat owners & volunteers will be available at about 10:20 from the dining room. Lunch will be at about 1pm. All volunteers will be given a breakfast & lunch ticket at the safety briefing.

Removal of Trailers & Cradles:
Please note that all trailers and cradles must be removed from the Forecourt no later than Monday 2nd of April. This is due to the Forecourt being re- marked and painted on Tuesday and Wednesday.



07:30 Saftety Briefing

08:00 Gwili Two
08:12 Moonshine
08:24 Springer
08:36 Rupert
08:48 Red Rhum
09:00 Saoirse
09:12 Antix
09:24 Sister Act II
09:36 Manapia
09:48 Isis
10:00 Demi Sec
10:12 Mary Bee
10:24 Sweet Martini


11:00 Cadenza
11:12 Ajay
11:24 Una Voce
11:36 Conundrum
11:48 Fionnuala
12:00 Wendy D
12:12 Juniper
12:24 Ceolaire
12:36 Cu Two
12:48 Errisslannan
13:00 Megalopolis
13:12 Lucyo
13:24 Panache


14:00 IRL44444
14:12 Plan B
14:24 Glen
14:36 Glen
14:48 Glen
15:12 Glen
15:24 Ruffian
15:36 Ruffian
15:48 Ruffian
16:00 Ruffian
16:12 Ruffian
16:24 Shipman
16:36 Shipman
16:48 Whistlin Dixie

17:00 FINISH