Sea Squirts & Tigers Summer Courses Information 2016

Please find information here on the Sea Squirts & Tigers program being offered this summer.

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The Sea Squirts will continue with last year’s successful format of morning sessions. As out youngest sailors are main aim is to foster water confidence and enjoyment of the sea in our youngest members via games, sailing, and a fun social setting. The Squirts are the next generation and a huge priority for us within the Junior Section.

  • Sea Squirts (no experience) will be held during the morning sessions Monday – Friday (09.30 – 12.30).
  • The program is aimed at children who are 5 – 8+ years old on June 8th, 2016

Sea Tigers

This year, Sea Tigers will be offered as a week long, full day course. This will allow us to further broaden the experience on offer to these sailors and to allow them the best possible introduction to life out on the water. Included on the course is a chance to go keelboat sailing, a day long trip into the further reaches of Dublin Bay, and a huge amount of fun on the water.

  • Sea Tigers (must have completed Sea Squirts or similar) will be held for full days until 4:30pm
  • Sailors are to be changed and ready at half nine each day and will finish at 4:30pm each day.
  • Sea Tigers will be run in line with the older courses.
  • Sea Tigers may do a maximum of four weeks, but may not do more than two weeks in a row.
  • Lunch is included in the rates for Tigers.


Sea Squirts & Tigers are not required to have their own boats. There are Club Mirrors that are used. If Tigers have their own boats they will most likely be sailing them and should bring them down to the Club. Please ensure that a current parking permit has been issued, this can be done online also.

Pickup & Drop off Times

Parents must observe drop off and pick up times It is extremely important our instructors on these courses receive an hour’s break between classes. Looking after Squirts can prove very tiring!!


Each Course costs €100 per Squirt/€200 per Tigers for RSGYC Members. €130 per Tiger/€260 for guests.


  • No Child on a Sea Squirts Course may do more than one week in succession
  • No Child on a Sea Tigers Course may do more than two weeks in succession
  • No more than 6 Sea Squirts on any one course. No more than 8 Sea Tigers on any one course.