Helen O’Beirne Reports From Baltimore


Oppie Sailor Helen gives her impressions of the week in Baltimore.

Baltimore was a great success this year and was tons of fun. They had lots of great coaches; I think they were the best ones we’ve had yet.

I’ve been going down to Baltimore (or Schull) since the first year I started sailing Oppie’s and every year it gets better, in terms of coaching and the amount of people going. When we got to Baltimore we went straight to the Jolie Brise for pizza, I ordered the calzone. It was absolutely delicious. All of my friends came down the next night and we played ping-pong (I’d brought a portable set). On Monday, my first coach was Emil. He was great; on Tuesday, I had Emil again. On Wednesday, it was unbelievably windy but we went out anyway for the fun, it was great fun with everyone capsizing left right and centre. I had Fred that day, he was my favourite (I know Ger won’t like that). I had a mixture of coaches including Ger Owens, Lola and Diego on Thursday and Friday, they were all great.

Overall I absolutely loved Baltimore, and it was nice because I got to see my friends for the first time since the last season. Great event and well worth going.

Helen O Beirne Main Fleet

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