Ahoy From Team George Junior Section!


The summer junior courses are proceeding apace with a whole raft of options for sailors to take part in and enjoy. We still have places available on Course B (starts next week), Course C and Course D, so read on if you are interested in finding out more and how to apply today.

Over the past few weeks, as part of Course A, we have sailed to Bray, run a Performance Laser week, got our 1720 Youth Team off the ground and run a multitude of games, activities and, of course, plenty of sailing for sailors from 5 to 17 years of age. We are really pleased with how our summer courses are progressing and plan to continue the development through the entire summer with the upcoming Team Racing Weeks, Camping Trips to Howth and Ireland’s Eye, Junior Discos and Friday Evening Racing.

Here’s a brief outline of what we have on offer for our Junior (& Youth) Sailors, whatever their level, this summer: Sea Squirts and Tigers (Beginners under 8 years old):

Sea Squirts will continue with last year’s successful format of week-long morning sessions from 9.30am – 12.15pm. This year Sea Tigers, who must have completed Sea Squirts or similar, are being offered week-long, full day courses from 9am to 4.45pm.

Please note: Sea Tigers and Squirts’ courses are run on separate dates from the main junior summer courses; all information and the online application form are available here.

Main Junior Summer Courses:

Start Sailing (Level 1)All Level 1 courses are headed up by coaches with at least two years’ experience. Games such as Treasure Hunts, Bin Bag Sailing and Triathlons help foster a sense of enjoyment on the water. The idea is to bring the sailor to a level where they are sailing independently in light airs.

Basic Skills (Level 2)

Sailors are offered greater independence in lighter airs and will be exposed to windier conditions as the course progresses. They will also begin to learn the essential manoeuvres required for dinghy sailing. Sailors will be given access to as broad a range of scenarios as possible as well as venturing further, more independently.

Improving Skills (Level 3)

By the end of this module all sailors will be competent to launch, sail and recover their boat in moderate conditions. They will learn the essential seamanship manoeuvres and develop and understanding and appreciation for weather, tides and current. They will also undertake some longer trips exploring Dublin Bay.

Advanced Sailing (Level 4)

After Improving Skills, the courses separate into Kites and Wires, Go Racing, Advanced Boat Handling and Adventure modules as outlined here Junior Advanced Summer Courses). Course C will offer the ISA prescribed Advanced levels, whilst Courses B and D will take a week by week approach with a broader curriculum including class clinics and other special events.

Course Dates:

Please Note: All levels, Level 1 – 4, will be accommodated on each of these courses.

Course B – 2 weeks – June 24th – July 5th: Course Fee €320
Course C – 3 weeks – July 16th – August 2nd: Course Fee €448
Course D – 2 weeks – August 6th – Aug 16th: Course Fee €288

A healthy lunch is now included for all sailors participating in full-day courses, so there is no need for packed lunches!

Sponsor a Sailor

As an additional membership benefit, Members can now sponsor family member(s) and friend(s) on to a Junior Summer course to allow them to gain a taste of the world-class Junior Summer Sailing Courses at the RSGYC and showcase your Yacht Club.

Sailors can avail of this sponsorship opportunity for one course only, after which a parent or guardian may join the RSGYC as Temporary Sailing Members.

Those sponsored onto a course can sign-up to the relevant summer course through the online application. When completing the application please reference the sponsor in the ‘membership number’ field.

No Boat – No Problem

There are a limited number of Club boats available for rental starting at €75 p/week. Please email sailing@rsgyc.ie for more information.

Apply Online Today!

Our online application forms are laid out to allow you pick the courses and the dates that suit you and your junior(s) best.

Beginners and Improvers’ (Levels 1 – 3) online application form is here.
Advanced Sailors (Level 4) online application form is here.

So if your child/children want to come down and be a part of the summer courses, or if you know of someone you feel would enjoy getting out on Dublin Bay as part of the Junior Section, call us on 01 280 1811 or come in and talk to us to see what we can do for you. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 11am and 5pm – 5:30pm.

Happy Sails!

Karl Brady
Head Instructor
01 280 1811

p.s. Photos and daily updates can be found at facebook.com/teamgeorgeracing.

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