“Route Des Princes” Race Off Dun Laoghaire Harbour


All mariners are advised that the Irish leg of the European “Route des Princes” sailing race will take place in the Southern part of Dublin Bay between the 20th June and 23rd June 2013.



No. 14 of 2013

The MOD 50s are expected to finish their race to Ireland on the 20th June and the Multi 50’s on the 21st June 2013. They will race into Dublin Bay from the South through the Inshore Traffic Zone, and the finish will be between the “East Buoy” ( Lat.53°18.16’N, Long. 006° 05.88’W, and the Committee Boat moored to the North East of this buoy.

Inshore racing will take place on the 22nd and 23rd June 2013, between the East pier of Dun Laoghaire and the Muglins. The race leg will be 1.8n.miles long, approximately 0.5n.miles off shore. The race area itself will be marked by 5 marks identifying the limits of the Safety Zone as follows:
1.  Start Point:   53°17.6195 N – 006°07.3914 W
2.  Molly Buoy:   53°18.2800 N – 006°06.2800 W
3.  Offshore Point:  53°17.1802 N – 006°03.0911 W
4.  Muglins Point:  53°16.4518 N – 006)04.7788 W
5.  Forty Foot Buoy:  53°17.4600 N – 006°06.6800 W

Due to the high speeds that these crafts achieve, especially when combined with their limited manoeuvrability;,it is required that all leisure craft avoid the area defined by the above marker buoys. The limits of the Safety Zone will be patrolled by RIB’s manned by both the Irish Naval Service and the Civil Defence. In the interest of safety, all craft are requested to follow their guidance at all times when racing is taking place.

Captain  David T. Dignam
Harbour Master.

5th June 2013        

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