Planning The Family Holiday?

For any George families interested in combining your holidays and sailing George families looking to combine sailing and the holidays Abersoch Dinghy week is an option.

This year some George families are considering Abersoch Dinghy Week as a family holiday option to combine sailing and (a cheapish) holiday but not at a big serious championships.  We have heard great reports about it.  Abersoch is just off the ferry at Holyhead, it’s a gorgeous place with a lovely beach. Families can bring Fevas, Oppies, and Lasers and there’s racing for all classes.

It’s really family based and casual, with 1 good race only a day  (some classes in the morning, including RS200) and some in the afternoon (including Lasers).  The social stuff in the evening is really well organised.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a huge gang of George families all going to something like this together, each car loaded up with Lasers, RSs and even oppies too !

Have a look and read of the link to get the spirit of the week.

To indicate your interest in this week please click here.

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