Summer and Frostbite Dinghy Parking 2018/2019


New Boat Permit/ ID System 

This year we are implementing a one time parking permit/ ID for each boat. The ID will consist of a unique QR code which will stay on your boat for the duration of ownership. The QR code will be easily scanned and does not need to be replaced each parking season. Please complete the application through this link and collect your QR code/ permit sticker from the Boathouse. There will be three stickers one for the boat stern, bow and launching trolley. 

There are a limited number of deck spaces available for Club member’s boats that are regularly sailed. When an application is received a Parking Permit is issued which must be displayed on the stern of the dinghy and launching trolley for the duration of the parking period. Every boat is assigned to a specific parking area which the boat must be kept while not sailing.

Boats not displaying a valid QR Code may be impounded at the impound rate of €50 p/ week.

No road trailers are permitted on the Forecourt and must be removed immediately after dropping off boats. Any road trailers found on the Forecourt will be removed to the public boatyard at the Coal Harbour if no prior arrangements have been made with the Boathouse.

Please ensure that all trolleys, trailers and associated equipment are easily identifiable.

Summer Dinghy Parking Application Form

20th April – 30th September

Parking Fees:

LOA up to 3.04m (Optimist): €140

– Laser or Topper Racked (limited number available): €147

– LOA 3.05 – 4.87m: Laser Ground, RS Feva, Mirror, 420, Water Wag, Laser Vago, Finn, Dublin Bay 12, IDRA 14 etc.: €189

– LOA 4.88m +: Fireball, Laser Stratos: €236

– Skiff LOA up to 4.26m: Moth, 29’er, RS 200: €210

– Skiff LOA up to 4.27m +: RS400, 49’er : €315

Winter Frostbite Dinghy Parking Application Form

17th October 2018 – 01 April 2019

Parking Fees:

– Racked up to 3.04m (Optimist): 100€

– Laser Ground/ Ground Rack (limited number available): 165€ 

– Laser or Topper Racked: 125€

– 3.05 – 4.87m: RS Feva, Mirror, 420, Laser Vago, Finn, Dublin Bay 12, IDRA 14 etc.: 165€

– 4.88m +: Fireball, Laser Stratos: 175€

– Skiff up to 4.26m: Moth, Waszp,  29’er, RS 200: 165€

– Skiff 4.27m +: RS400, 49’er: 225€

The online application form can be found by clicking here.

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