Dinghy Parking Update and request to remove all boats from the deck by Sunday 11th October

Please note that summer dinghy parking concludes on Sunday 11th of October.

In order to facilitate the annual Lift Out we must have  all* dinghies removed from the deck no later than this date so that the Boathouse can commence Winter preparations and start Lifting out boats.

Winter Sailing?

If you are signed up for Winter Training and/ or the Frostbite series, there will be a limited number of boat storage slots available. Please note and respect that these spaces are only available for sailors that are signed up for Winter coaching and/ or the Frostbite Series. Please click here to book your Frostbite sailing parking space.

Not winter sailing but need storage?

If your boat will not be sailed during the winter, there are several racks available where your boat can be safely and securely stored on its launching trolly for the winter season. Using the link above please select Laser/ Topper RACKED option.

Don’t have anywhere to relocate your boat before returning for the winter sailing or don’t want the inconvenience of taking your boat away?

We have confirmed with DLRCOCO secure space in the Old Ferry Terminal to temporarily store boats (with masts down) from the 11th of October – 30th of October when the boats can be returned to the RSGYC deck if Winter Parking has been applied for. Please click here to reserve your space for the period 11th – 30th October. Please note that you will need to bring over your own boat and collect it on the assigned dates.

*Optimists         Optimists only are not required to be relocated during the above period. If you wish to avail of Winter Storage for an Optimist please click here to book a space. Optimist spaces are allocated with preference given to those actively sailing who will get the bottom racks. There is plenty of storage space for Optimists that will not be sailed on the higher racks.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Questions? Please click here to contact the Sailing Office. 

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