Freeride Foiling @RSGYC – Have you ever dreamed of flying?


If so, you might like to join a group of club members who are foiling and flying over the water on wing foils, tow foils and windfoilers. The sport of foiling is becoming huge. With the America’s Cup and Sail GP bringing the wonders of foiling to our screens, classes like the Moth and WASZP have had huge growth. The next wave is Freefoiling, that is using a board to foil.

Using a wing or windsurfer or by being towed, you fly over the water experiencing the weightlessness thrill of foiling. The equipment is super simple and very affordable compared to sailing. A small but active group of members have formed a group to help promote freeride foiling at the club.

If you would like to try foiling, we have teamed up with PureMagic Watersports @ INSS, to give some demo days, where for a small fee you can be towed and experience the foiling sensation. If you are already foiling, please connect in with us. Our plan is to have a training programme after Christmas and to have a series of events and supervised foiling sessions. We aim to have 50 foilers of all ages and genders in the next 6 months.

There is a link here to a presentation on the website, where you can get more information and join our WhatsApp group to get the times for the sessions and more info. Please sign up and we can get an idea of the levels of interest and what people would like.  


Many thanks, Brendan Foley, Foiling Class Captain.

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