Powerboat Courses aboard your own boat

If you would be interested in taking part in a Powerboat Course using your own boat, the club would like to hear from you.

With a likely date of a weekend in early May, the format offers a pre-season refresher and will also follow the National Powerboat Certificate but with the added benefit of practical experience and guidance in your own craft.

Some prerequisites would apply:  eligible boats of 5.5m – 7.5m in length with serviced outboard engine, fuelled, fully-insured and comply with a pre-course safety equipment checklist.

Each owner would be responsible for finding two additional participants for the boat such as regular users (e.g. co-owner, spouse, friends etc) who would each also need to provide their own personal safety gear – boots, foulies, lifejacket, hat/gloves etc.

Likely cost would be approx. €250 per person for the two-day course including soup and sandwiches on both days.

National Powerboat Certificates may be awarded to those participants who achieve the ISA standard while the course will count towards all participants logged time.

Expressions of interest here: 

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