Powerboating at the RSGYC


The RSGYC has an active Powerboat group that participate in regular activities and training throughout the year.

  • Have you ever wished to command a fast powerboat?
  • Do you own a rib and want to use it more?
  • Would you like to crew on a fast powerboat?
  • Have you had the boat checked over recently?
  • Would you like to know more about your boat?
  • Would you feel safe on a long passage?

The Club has many Members with ribs who perhaps feel their boats are not being used as often as they would like for many reasons. However, the goal of this new Powerboaters initiative is to bring together the people with or without ribs/powerboats who want to venture further and develop new skills and perhaps stretch out more in terms of what they currently use their boats for.

We have created a pilot committee who are leading the way currently and is made up of the following Club Members:

  • Philip Ferguson
  • David Branigan

We welcome new committee members, please email us and we will be in touch.

Upcoming Training?

April 27th & 28th

June 8th & 9th

July 13th & 14th

August 17th & 18th

September 14th & 15th



1. Training: To develop and/or enhance seamanship, safety skills and specific knowledge topics to recognised certificate levels.
2. Venture: Local water exploration, Coastal passages and ‘Rib raids’
3. Events: to provide on the water event management solutions
4. Powerboating promotion: hosted specific events and competitions for all ages, and skill levels aimed to capture and interest.
5. Maintenance and Repair training sessions
6. Sailing event management at all levels to recognise local and international standards
7. Entertainment and social evenings


1. To accommodate real powerboating opportunities for members, and crews, in a safe environment.
2. To provide RIB owners with limited berthing and service facilities
3. Run the Activities to a published and planned annual program
4. Facilitating as a meeting point for those of similar interests
5. Mentoring: provide a source of knowledge and support
6. Resource/pool of skilled people for event management

Perhaps some of these activities and ideas suit you perhaps others do not, however, there is a slot for all and we are looking very much to building up the Powerboaters to include many social evenings not only within our fine Club but perhaps throughout Ireland as we venture further with our boats.

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