Healthy body, healthy mind!

Nicky is a personal trainer and fitness instructor (NCEHS) through the National Training Centre in Dublin. In addition, she has qualified in pre/postnatal, special populations, Pilates on the ball, Pilates with the isotoner, Pilates 121, Pilates and the foam roller, Pilates and the theraband, sports nutrition, sports first aid, and step aerobics, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent neuromuscular treatment for sports injuries.


Mondays – 9.45 am (9. 45 classes are currently full), 10.45 am

Tuesday – 5.30 pm Friday – 9.45 am

€90 for 6 consecutive classes beginning Friday, October 1st

Book by texting Nicky at 0876338994 or email her at nickyvanderlee@gmail.com





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