Water Wags


The Water Wag Club is a historic Club committed to racing in classic one design wooden dinghies.

The core of the Water Wag sailing focuses around our races every Wednesday night, from April to September. We set out own courses, inside or outside the harbour, and split the fleet into divisions to ensure that the silverware is spread around, and everybody has an opportunity to win! After-race refreshments take place in the three waterfront clubs on rotation, so everybody gets to meet after the races.

The Club organises a number of special weekend events such as ‘The Water Wag Worlds’, ‘Waterways Ireland’ Classic Boat Events on the Shannon and Erne, ‘The Simon Nolan Downhill Race’ on the Shannon as well as House regattas at freshwater venues.
The Club activities are always friendly, and most of the boats are sailed by husband/wife or father/son crews.

Being one of the most active dinghy classes in Ireland, we boast fleet sizes of 16-24 on the starting line for regular weekly races throughout the season.
The age of boats matters little to their performance, once they are well maintained. The 100-year-old boats are well able to beat the 7 new boats which have been built over the past 10 years.

Class Captain: Vincent Delany