Sea Squirts, Tigers & Lions


Our program for our youngest sailors and sailors to be…. Fun on, in and around the water and the learning to sail follows.

Sea Squirts and Tigers and Lions are back! Immerse your children in our fun, friendly Sea Squirts, Tigers & Lions program with our Sunday sessions to give them a love of the sea and sailing, from an early stage.

Sundays commencing from April 21st running through to middle of June.

The Sunday Sessions will begin at 9.30am until 11.00am for Squirts, 11.30am until 1.00pm for Tigers 9.30 until 12.30 for Lions. RSGYC Members only.

(Please note Lions must have their own boat, or use of one. Club boats are available to rent).

Sailors must be fully dressed in appropriate and most importantly warm sailing clothing and ready to go afloat by 9.25am (Squirts and Lions) and 11.25am (Tigers).

Please note that places are limited, sailors should sign up ASAP to avoid disappointment.

For those who have sailed with us over the last few years, you know the drill – for those joining us this year, here is the score.

Ages (Squirts & Tigers) : 6 to 10 (no experience needed). Tigers, graduates of the Squirts or Tigers and ready to make the move into sailing on their own in their boat. 

Lions – for those sailors graduating from Sea Tigers, with their own boat (or Club boat until they have their own) who are ready to take the next step in their sailing. The aim will be to learn the basics of sailing in the optimist and prepare sailors to move up to the next optimist training group. Lions will be able to move up when they can sail a triangle course safely, have demonstrated the confidence and ability to manage their boat in light to medium wind and wave conditions

Boats: we use a combination of Oppies, 1720’s, Stand Up Paddleboards, Ribs, and kayaks dependant on the conditions. 

Objective: a fun introduction to sailing, sea and making friends at the Royal St George Y.C.

Required: wetsuit (full), life jacket and suitable foot and headwear – a cag or waterproof coat too. If you need a wetsuit to get your sailor going, contact the Sailing Office and we will be able to rent a Club suit for May. 

Always on even in bad weather the programs will run – indoor and non-sailing activities such as kayaking and SUPing will happen in place of sailing.

Frequency: the key to learning sailing and water skills is the frequency not the intensity of learning. This program does not substitute a Summer Sailing course but compliment it perfectly by building confidence slowly and surely.

Our philosophy is all about giving your child a love of the sea and sailing while making friends in a fun environment. All the instructors are chosen because of their ability to connect with the kids and ensure learning in a fun /low-pressure environment.


We know, not another WhatsApp Group! But to help us keep you up to date please send your child’s name, your name and mobile number and we will add you to the WhatsApp group for the Sea Squirts & Tigers to keep you up to date. If you wish to join the group, please contact 087 2590843.


Sea Squirts is run on 100% volunteer basis and if you can support us, we would love your help. At our first Sunday morning, we can have a coffee and chat with the parents and share out the tasks.


Each month you will get a booking link for the forthcoming 4/5 Sundays of the month. You can book as many or as few Sundays as you like. IF YOU HAVEN’T BOOKED, we will not be able to take your child sailing as we will have no waiver or proper contact details.

Sea Squirts & Tigers  – €20 Per Sailor p/ session
Sea Lions – €35 Per Sailor p/session

We look forward to meeting you again this year and to our Sea Squirts and Tigers having a brilliant season of fun, friendship, and sailing.

Please be advised: There will be no refund/s issued for missed sessions. Payments are non-refundable after one month of registration date due to the cancellation of courses in the event of bad weather.

Inquiries to:

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Please Book in advance.

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