We are delighted to welcome new members. The ‘George’ may look traditional – and we are proud of our heritage – but behind the facade, is a lively and friendly club. We may be steeped in history but not stuck in it. It is a strongly held belief here that New Members bring new ideas, new skills and new contacts on both the sailing and social sides. Our Club is all about progress and improving on a very successful past.

All new members will, in addition to the Annual Subscription, be charged a once off New Members Administration Fee, to cover the associate administrative costs.

The costs will be €75 per single membership, and €150 for a family or any form of multiple membership.


Membership CategoryAnnual Subscription
Introductory Membership (Special Price for first 2 years) + New Member Admin Fee €75 - Total €900€825
Family Introductory Membership (Special Price: €985 per year for 2 years only + New Member Admin Fee €150 - Total €1,135€985
Ordinary Age 40+ €1,650 + New Members Admin Fee €75 - Total €1,725€1,650
Ordinary Age 30 - 39 €825 + New Members Admin Fee €75 -Total €900€825
Ordinary Age 21 - 29 €265 + New Members Admin Fee - Total €340€265
Ordinary ≥ 18 < 20 + New Members Admin Fee €75 - Total €210€135
Associate (Spouse of an Ordinary Member) + New Members Admin Fee €75 - Total €340
Cadet ≥ 7 < 18 (No Admin Fee)€55
Family (2 Adults and up to 4 Children) + New Members Admin Fee €75 - Total €2,080€1,930
Country Associate (a person living in Ireland who does not reside or work within 100km of the Club) + New Admin Fee €75 - Total €555
Overseas Associate (a person living outside the island of Ireland) + New Admin Fee - Total €340€265
Pavilion + New Member Admin Fee €75 - Total €1,315€1,240
Crew + New Member Admin Fee €75 - Total €290 / Crew Membership is not available to submit online, please request a hard copy from Barbara Browne ( or Peter Richardson (€215


If you wish to express an interest in joining our Club, you are invited to complete the following form.  Please read the instructions on how to complete the form HERE.

Then complete the form HERE.


If you wish to discuss your expression of interest  please contact our membership secretary Barbara Browne by calling 085 252 8803 or email


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