Locker Information


Please be advised if you wish to avail of a locker for the season, or to renew/ retain your locker from previous years that an application must be completed!

Lockers that have not been renewed by will be released for your fellow members to utilise.

There are a limited number of secure lockers available in both the men’s and ladies changing rooms. These are available in a medium-size and a large size.
Lockers can be used to store your sailing gear, a change of clothes, the reefer jacket, or your wellies- pretty much whatever you want that fits into it.
Lockers are accessed with a 4- digit code that can be changed once the locker is open.
Lockers can be shared.
Lockers are assigned on an annual basis with automatic renewal of the same locker unless the Club is directed otherwise.
Men’s Standard (€85)
Men’s Medium (€45)
Ladies Standard (€85)
Ladies Medium (€45)
Once you have completed your Locker Application the Sailing Office will email you your locker assignment and temporary code. Your locker can be accessed the next time you are in the Club.

Click here to apply for a Locker.

Questions? – Please contact us.

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