Core Experience from Introduction to Powerboating or similar experience

Are you unsure if you have the boating experience to confidently take the Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate course?

No problems. Please review the following and see what you think:

Core Experience from Introduction to Powerboating or similar experience

The participant should be able to:

  • Describe the different types of Personal Flotation Device available, and identify the most appropriate for use on different activities and when they should be used
  • To correctly don and fit the PFDs used during the course.
  • Select what clothing and footwear to wear while afloat
  • Stow and safely secure equipment on board.
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of the following equipment – mooring lines, fenders, anchor and warp, boathook, bilge-pump, bailer, paddles or oars
  • Identify and describe the use of following equipment – fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flares, whistle
  • Safely refuel a boat, stow fuel tanks & connect fuel lines
  • Undertake appropriate pre-start checks on the engine and hull
  • Be able to start and stop the engine
  • To steer the boat ahead and astern while making allowances for windage and current.
  • To anticipate the distance the boat will carry when in neutral
  • Have demonstrated that they can keep an effective lookout while underway.
  • To describe the effect that excessive wash may have on moored boats, river / canal banks, wildlife and other water users such as fishermen.

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