West Bight Marina Berthing Application Form

Please complete all details below to apply for West Bight Marina Berthing.

A ferry service between the Club pontoon and the West Bight of the marina will be available from lift-in until Lift Out. This will be the only point of access to the West Bight for RSGYC boats and a substantially improved service of boat access is anticipated. West Bight Details Mooring rates: Mid-April – Mid October LOA (meters) x €195

  • Boats will be allocated a specific berth on the Marina West Bight
  • Boats up to 40ft can be accommodated
  • Launch service to and from the RSGYC only

Launch Service Details:

  • Launch service 7 – days a week from Lift In to Lift Out.
  • Launch service will run every 30min departing the RSGYC with a pickup/ drop-off location on the West Bight marina.
  • Launch service will run every 15 minutes on race days.
  • Launches can be hailed on VHF Ch. 33/ M1 or by contacting the Boathouse on 086 734 5413

Berths can only be reserved by RSGYC members through the RSGYC Sailing Office

Please use the Comments box as required. Feedback on last year’s West Bight Berthing is most welcome and appreciated.