RSGYC Photo Voting Gallery & Competition

We invite your photos to add recent shots to Club materials- the winning shot will recieve a €100 RSGYC Club Voucher (still looking for a Valentines dinner idea?) This voucher can be used for your Valentines delivery dinner if you wish- or save it until when you can enjoy the surroundings of your club later this year. 

Below are the photos that you the RSGYC Club Members have submitted to date. 

To enter a photo: 

If you would like to submit an image to the Gallery, please click here:

To vote:

Vote on one or more photos by clicking a star on a photo. Vote 1 – 5 stars.  Voting closes on Friday 12th February at 16:00. 

To comment:

Comment on a photo by clicking on the comment symbol.

No entries found
Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over

Spread the word please.

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