Junior Summer Beginner & Improving Skills Sailing Courses

Here you will find a brief outline of the course options and the three instructional levels for Beginner & Improving Skill level sailors.

Start Sailing (Level 1)

Our Sailors first taste of a full-length course. All level 1 courses are headed up by coaches with at least two years’ experience. Games such as Treasure Hunts, Bin Bag Sailing and Triathlons help foster a sense of enjoyment on the water. The idea is to bring the sailor to a level where they are sailing independently in light airs.

Basic Skills (Level 2)

Sailors are offered greater independence in lighter airs and will be exposed to windier conditions as the course progresses. They will also begin to learn the essential maneuvers required for dinghy sailing. Sailors will be given access to as broad a range of scenarios as possible as well as venturing further, more independently.

Improving Skills (Level 3)

By the end of this module, all sailors will be competent to launch, sail and recover their boat in moderate conditions. They will learn the essential seamanship maneuvers and develop and understanding and appreciation for the weather, tides, and current. They will also undertake some longer trips as part of exploring Dublin Bay.

The dates for the RStGYC Junior & Youth Summer sailing courses are below:

  • Course A              Tuesday 5th June – Friday 22nd 
    • Fun Week  Monday 25th June – Friday 29th    
  • Course B              Monday 2nd July – Friday 20th 
  • Course C              Monday 23rd July – Friday 10th August          
  • Course D              Monday 13th August – Friday 24th     

Course Rates:

  • Course A      RSGYC Member €540 RSGYC Guest €700
  • Fun Week    RSGYC Member €195 RSGYC Guest €255
  • Course B      RSGYC Member €575 RSGYC Guest €700
  • Courses C    RSGYC Member €540 RSGYC Guest €700
  • Courses D    RSGYC Member €385 RSGYC Guest €500

Registration Forms:

RSGYC Member Registration Form

RSGYC Guest Registration Form



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