Junior Boat Repair Clinic Report

Well done to Derek & Bobby Ryan; John & Hugo Kennedy; Morgan Lyttle, and Rupert Bowen, who all attended the first George Boat repair clinic last Saturday.

Well done to Derek & Bobby Ryan ,John & Hugo Kennedy, Morgan Lyttle and Rupert Bowen who all attended the first George Boat repair clinic last Saturday.

Under the careful instruction of Jimmy Foley the following work was carried out.

• Review of fibre glassing works performed by Jimmy
• Wet sanding
• Mirror fleet winterization programme
• Club dinghy pen programme

The kids started off with a Q & A session as Jimmy went through the do’s and don’ts of keeping a Optimist. It was great to see the kids surprised faces as they learnt just a few simple little tips such as:

1. ensuring you washout your boat & equipment correctly after use
2. storing your boat upside down on the racks
3 difference between salt water and rain water
4. making sure your boat cover is not left on the ground to pick up grit and dirt which will scratch the boat

The 4 Club Mirrors were all taken out and reviewed. All were washed down with soapy water and equipment removed and stored in the containers. Each of the 4 Mirrors were then stored upside down on the racks in the new dinghy pen. This will ensure that no water is trapped inside them during storage and that the boats are correctly ventilated. We have a fleet of 4 mirrors which hopefully we can use in events such as the Craftinsure Spring Open regatta. It would be great for the Mirror class to be out eventing in Dublin Bay again.

We then gave the new club dinghy pen some attention and moved all the club boats into the new area. We now know where all the club dinghies are. Now we need to get them all working again.

A happy day had by all and very worthwhile doing it. We are planning another clinic in January and we will revert back in the new year with details of this second clinic.
Adrian Eggers
RSGYC Junior Organiser

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