Calling All Transition Year Students for 2015/2016

For the last two years, the RSGYC has run a highly successful transition year programme for its members. Planning is now starting for the next group in September.

If you have a student who would like to be involved, please let us know, all we are looking for at this stage is an expression of interest and to get a ballpark on numbers.  Please mention it to anybody else you feel may be interested too.

The aim of the programmes is to create friendships and a feeling of belonging to the Club, while widening sailing horizons and skills beyond the Junior section.  It has given us great pleasure to see previous participants now sailing a huge variety of boats and most importantly, just hanging out in the club with their mates!

Below is a review of what the group did last year.  It varied slightly from the previous year as it driven by the preferences of the group each year.  Students can choose to opt into different activities or not as their school commitments allow and the intention is to keep the cost as low as possible and get preferential group rates on VHF and Powerboat courses.

A Summary of Last Year’s Programme

  • Team racing on Wednesday afternoons in Club Fireflies
  • Laser coaching.
  • Virtual boat race, pizza, pool and table tennis tournament
  • Powerboat Level 2 course
  • VHF licence
  • Boat Maintenance skills
  • 1720 sailing

If you know anyone in TY this coming school year or If you would like to be involved please  contact before June 1st to register your interest.

Team George TY

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