RSGYC New Feva Class Capt Introduction

Dear All,

I am writing to introduce myself as the new RSGYC Feva Class Captain. Some of you I have already met and I hope to eventually introduce myself to everyone in person in the coming days and weeks. I would like to also start by thanking my predecessor, Elaine Arrowsmith, for all her hard work and commitment and note that Elaine will still be active in the Feva Class on a national & team racing level.

In the short term, my agenda is focused on building the number of sailors and boats in the class, as well as developing more and improved access for new sailors who are considering migrating from other classes, along with new sailors who would simply like to give Feva sailing a go.

As you might expect, I will keep you advised on the various clinics, competitive events, and training, but ultimately, in order to build on the past, I would like to hear directly from sailors and parents with regards to their expectations, challenges, and solutions. The goal of this feedback is to better understand how the RSGYC Feva Class can be tailored and improved to meet the needs of existing and prospective sailors so that sailors of all skill levels will be given the opportunity to flourish and enjoy thrills of the class as well as the sport more generally.

Lastly, please find attached an events calendar along with my contact details as follows and please also feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions at your convenience. I look forward to chatting with you all soon and hope to see you on the water and at the Club.

With very best regards,

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