DBSC Racing Thursday 28th July 2016 . Programme amendments

Because of non-availability of one of the committee vessels and also of race management personnel who will have been servicing the Laser Radial Worlds, it is necessary to make the following changes to the programme for Thursday 28th July.

(a) Red Fleet.

Starts and finishes will be at the West Pier (not at the Freebird). Course Card 1   – Saturday Red Fleet West Pier Starts    – will be used. Courses may be shortened as shown on the course card.

(b) Blue Fleet. .

Committee boat starts as usual, with finishes at the West Pier However, Course Card 1    Saturday Blue fleet MacLir Starts – will be used. Courses may be shortened as shown on the course card.

For either fleet, platonic courses may be sailed. See GSI. No 23.

DBSC-RAYC Coastal Trophy Races Saturday 30th July 2016. – Red and Blue fleets only. Green fleet races will be sailed in line with usual Saturday programme.

1. As indicated in the 2016 race programme, coastal-distance races will be sailed on Saturday 30th Julyth in accordance with SI. No. 39. General Sailing instructions will apply, except as varied by these sailing instructions.

2. Races will start and finish at the West Pier starting line.


The starting sequence will be as follows:


 Warning Signal
 Cruisers 0/1 13:45
 31.7s 13:50
 Cruisers 2/Sigma 33 13:55
 Cruisers 3 14.00
 Cruisers 5 14:05
 Ruffians 14:10
 Shipmans 14:15
 Glens 14:20


3. Courses will be as follows:

Signal Course Designation Route Points
S St.Burford-Shanganagh St.Burford (s) – Shanganagh(s) – Muglins (p) Finish at Hut
MS Muglins – Shanganagh Muglins(S) – Shanganagh (s) – Muglins( p) Finish at Hut
B St.Burford St.Burford (s)  -/Finish at Hut
M Muglins Muglins (p) Finish at Hut


4. Coordinates are as follows:

Mark Coordinates
Muglins 530 16.53N,  060 04.5W
Sth. Burford 530 18 060N,  006o 01.298W
Shanganagh  Buoy 530 14. 903N, 0060 05.154W


5. Courses may be shortened by a rib taking up position at one of the above locations or on a line between them.

6.Competitors area reminded that GS1.no 6 remains in force ( prohibited areas while finishing).and also GSI.9.9 (passing Turning Mark before finishing).

7.Alternatively, platonic courses may be sailed in accordance with SI. 23.1,

8. As courses and starting sequences may be modified by the Race Officer, competitors should maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 72 and observe signals at the Hut..

9: Boats approaching Muglins Sound form Scotsman’s Bay are advised to keep to the port-hand side of the Sound, avoiding the Leac Buidhe rock on their starboard side at 530 16. 616N, 06o 05.149W

Donal O’Sullivan
Hon Secretary

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