Adventure Trip to Irelands Eye

After endless planning the Adventure group went on a challenging yet exiting expedition to Irelands Eye.

We had a great group of people and we all got on very well, with help and motivation from our instructor Chloe.
To get there, we took two ribs out along with three fevas. After two and a half hours of intensive sailing we reached Irelands Eye.

On arrival, we dropped our bags on the beach and went on a hunt to find a place to set up our tents. Not long after we took the rib over t to Howth where we filled our empty stomachs with delicious fish and chips. At day’s end we all sat by the fire where we chatted for so long we lost track of time. When it got cold, we huddled together in the biggest tent and continued chatting till the early hours .

Climbing into very damp wetsuits due to the overnight rain was not the start we were hoping for . Everyone was was exhausted after very little sleep.
After a quick breakfast of bbq’d sausages, we rigged the boats and set sail back for Dun Laoghaire.
Sailing conditions were difficult due to the strong winds and forceful gusts but we made it back within 2 hours.

We jumped into the warm showers at The George and wolfed down our lunch!

The trip was great fun and we learnt so much . Our instructors, Chloe and Sandy were brilliant and a big thanks to them .

-Luisa O’Riordan

Irelands eye

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