Fleet Aditions – J80’s at RSGYC

Re: Fleet Additions- J80’s at RSGYC

Fellow Members,

As many of you may know, the ISA through Sailfleet had been operating a fleet of 8 J80s for the last ten years which were successfully used around the country to promote sailing generally and team racing in particular. The ISA recently decided to sell the fleet and I am delighted to inform you that a small group of our fellow members joined together to purchase the fleet on behalf of the Club. This is a very exciting development.  Our initiatives to meaningfully re-engage with the 25 to 50s and to create a less time consuming more value-driven racing environment for young adults has been delivering positive results.  The addition of the J80s will greatly assist this process and they will also be available to us to promote corporate sailing and other activities to further increase Club participation.

Our 1720s will continue to be used for our very successful uSail programme which has been instrumental in encouraging a significant number of new members to join our Club.

Michael Pomeroy

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