Optimist Winter Coaching 2017

The Oppie winter training program which kicks off this coming Sunday 1st October! 

We will be hosting a quick introduction to the program for parents on Sunday 1st at 11:30 am.



The training is suited for 2 levels:

  1. Regatta fleet sailors:  those sailors who are capable of sailing and are wanting to learn the basics of racing and to start competing in club regattas. This course will equip sailors to compete in the regatta fleet at regionals and nationals in 2018.  Typically, these sailors are aged between 8 and 10. 
  2. Junior fleet:  more advanced sailors wanting to improve their racing form and intending to race in the regionals and nationals in 2018.  Typically, these sailors are aged between 10 and 13 and will be transitioning from the Sea Squirts program. 

The intention is to introduce sailors to competition in a fun and friendly way.



October Course:  1st Oct,  8th Oct22nd Oct29th Oct.  

November Course:  5th Nov12th Nov19th Nov26th Nov


11:30   arrival for those who need to learn to rig.  

12:00   arrival for those who know how to rig and change in 30 min!

12:30   Rigged and ready; briefing

13:00   Launch

15:00   approximate time of return, de-rig and debrief

16:00   finish


Further Clinics could be held if there is interest and we intend providing coaching support at the “Christmas Cracker” regatta which is usually held on the first weekend of December


Our coaching staff will be headed up by Cian Cahill and have been selected on their sailing coaching experience as well as their ability to connect well with children.  We intend maintaining a coach to sailor ratio of around 1:6.

The coaches will teach the sailors to rig their own boats and to launch without parental help.  Teamwork between the sailors will be encouraged.

We will try and coordinate our coaching activities with those of the RIYC and the NYC to facilitate better safety and collaboration on the water.


RSGYC does have some charter boats available for booking, but it is advisable that the sailors have their own equipment.  It is imperative that they have adequate warm sailing gear and that the boats have all appropriate safety equipment.

We are looking at putting on a “buy-and-sell” date for 2nd hand equipment within the coming weeks.


  • Volunteering:  Parents will be expected to volunteer to help with the coaching sessions and we will run a roster for sign-up.
  • Punctuality: All sailors must be rigged and ready by 12:30am
  • Rigging:  Coaches are there to teach the sailors to rig their boats but not to rig for them.  Sailors who do not know how to rig should arrive earlier to allow time for the coaches to instruct them.
  • Food:  all sailors should have had lunch before arriving and should have water and snacks for on the water 
  • Safety:  Before getting onto the water, the boats will be inspected to ensure that all safety equipment is in good working order.  All sailors are expected to dress for the conditions and to follow all safety instructions given by the coaches.


The expectation is that each 4 date course will cost around 100 euro.  Sailors are expected to sign up for the full 4-date course and cannot pay for ad-hoc dates.

All payments and bookings will be made through the RSGYC website  


We will be setting up a George Oppie WhatsApp group to facilitate rapid communication amongst the group


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