Removal of boats by Monday April 5th

Removal of All Dinghies April 2021


Please be reminded that the Winter Frostbite Parking concludes on Sunday 4th of April. To facilitate Lift In and preparations for Summer Parking we require the removal of all boats (except boats in or on racks) by this date. The decks must be cleared, and we do not have the facility to keep any boats not in or on racks on the Forecourt until Thursday April 14th. Note that there is a non- removal fee of €150 and boats remaining will be removed outside the Club at the owner’s expense and will not be permitted back to the Forecourt.

If you prefer not to collect your boat, we have arranged for a limited number of secure spaces in the Old Ferry Terminal for the duration. Please note that you will need to come down at a pre- arranged time to walk your boat over with the mast down. We appreciate that there is uncertainty with current restrictions and will work with you to assist, as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please reply to this mail if we can be of assistance. Please book your temporary storage here.

RSGYC Sailing Office

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