Basic Rules of Sailing & Lodging a Protest – Thursday April 6th

Anne Kirwin and Jill Felming are pleased to facilitate a session on :

Basic Racing Rules of Sailing and Lodging a Protest

Junior Room, RSGYC, Thursday April 6th at 7.30pm

The session will include a short presentation on rules, a rules quiz and it will cover filing a protest and what to expect at a protest hearing.  It will be interactive so please submit scenarios that you would like covered as well as incidents that you have experienced on the water.  Please submit these including a diagram of the boats leading up to the incident to by 17.00hrs on Thursday March 30th.  We will try to include all submissions in the session.

Rule books will be available to purchase on the night.



Rules Presenatation Flyer RStGYC PDF (2)

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