Volvo Dun Laoghaire regatta RSGYC winners and runners-up 2023

Well done to all who participated in this year’s Volvo regatta and congratulations to all winners and runners-up.  

The list of all RSGYC winners and runners-up are as follows; 

In the Dragon fleet (East Coast Championships) in 1st place Neil Hegarty and crew of the Williams Family- mother, father and daughter aboard “Phantom”.  

The Glens saw a RSGYC 1,2,3 with Brian Denham in “Glendun” in first, Ailbe Millerick in “Glenluce” in second, and Conor O’Hanlon in “Glenmiller” in third.  

Another 1,2,3 for the RSGYC in the ILCA 7 fleet with Theo Lyttle in first, Ross O’Leary in second, and Gavin Murphy in third. 

A RSGYC 1,2 in the Squib fleet with Vincent Delany and “Femme Fatale” in first place, and Rupert Westrup and “SideWinder” in second place.     

The Water Wags saw Sean & Heather Craig come first in “Puffin”. 

In the Non-spinnaker cruisers 2 fleet James McSweeney and the crew of “Menapia” came in 2nd place. 

“Puffling” and Philip Lawton came in 2nd place in the Flying Fifteens. 

Within the J80 fleet Owen Laverty and the crew of “Family Affair” came second with Hugh Blaney and “Joint Custody” following closely behind in third place. 

In the Beneteau 31.7 Michael Blaney and crew in “After you too” came in 3rd place. 

The Shipman fleet saw “The Den” and George Miller come in third place. 

Kevin O’Boyle and “Go Go” came third in the wayfarer fleet. 

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