Around the World with Wayne


On the 15th of this month we are launching a new series, “Around the World with Wayne”, a culinary voyage with our Head Chef Wayne Neville. Wayne has been with us for over 6 months now and we are absolutely delighted with what the kitchen has been producing of late, all down to Wayne’s management of our superb kitchen staff. We have been really grateful to many Members who have given us some amazing feedback on the quality of the offering from the kitchen, it has been a joy to read.

The idea is that over the next few months we will have a number of culinary evenings with each one dedicated to a particular country. Wayne has traveled extensively throughout his career and is really looking forward to presenting some really great dishes over the course of the series. This month, March, we are making our first stop in India, later we will be stopping off in other parts of our wonderful world, Wayne hasn’t told us exactly where yet but they all promise to be a culinary adventure!

Numbers are limited to 75, book early to avoid disappointment.


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