The George Cruising Croup- The first foray of 2024

Shearwater and Brizo in far flung Malahide

The weekend just gone saw the first foray of the George Cruising Group, expertly convened by Derek Ryan on Brizo. Rather than an exotic voyage to a far flung destination we decided to keep it simple and accessible to all, and instead planned an overnight trip to Malahide. This also had the advantage that boats could return on Saturday to participate in DBSC or go to the rugby match in Croke Park.

So on Friday afternoon Shearwater and Brizo prepared for departure into a grey sort of day with a nice 12kt NNW breeze which was perfect for our course to Malahide. Shearwater departed Dun Laoghaire at 16:45 and Brizo about 30 minutes later. We had a very pleasant sail on Shearwater going outside Ireland’s eye on a close reach with a few tacks to get us upwind to the Malahide safe water mark. We waited there for Brizo, she went inside Ireland’s Eye, and we proceeded upon the channel together to Malahide Marina with all made up at 19:30 hrs.

Then followed a lovely meal in Old Street restaurant with the usual volume of wine, chat and debate. There was talk of going to Gibney’s for a late pint but in the end we all repaired to Shearwater for more wine chat and debate. Funny how that goes.

High tide in Malahide on Saturday was at approximately 10:00 hrs and as we both draw 2 meters we had to be up and out sharpish to clear the shallow bar. Shearwater departed at 10:45 hrs with Brizo a little afterwards. We both had a cracking sail back through Howth Sound and around the Bailey into the Bay. The wind was Westerly about 15-19 Kts and both boats were really charging. We were back on berth in Dun Laoghaire at 13:00 hrs with Brizo close behind.

All in all a very sociable, enjoyable and successful trip.

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