RSGYC Junior Summer Courses Terms & Conditions


      • Not all Sailing Modules are available in every course. Click here to see available modules on each course.
      • A minimum number of sailors are required to sign up to a module before it can be run. We will contact you to arrange an alternative module if we cannot run your chosen module.
      • Sailors must sign up for full courses. We do not offer portions of courses.
      • An Irish Sailing (IS) Membership fee of €16 is due if your child is not a Junior Cadet Member of the RSGYC or Irish Sailing member (Junior Cadet or Irish Sailing Membership number is required).
      • Instructors will be booked 10 working days in advance of each course start date; refunds will not be given after this time.
      • All participants in RSGYC Junior courses must be confident in the water and be able to swim. On the first morning of each course, all beginners/minors will be required to demonstrate their confidence in the water while wearing full sailing gear by swimming and treading water for at least of 2 minutes.
      • Course places are limited and allocated on first come first served basis. Early booking is essential. Applications may be made for more than one course.
      • A guest member may sign up for one sailing course only and/ or for one season if they are Sea Squirts or Tigers. Click here for information on ‘Junior Summer Course Membership Requirements’.
      • Children and Parents must accept and abide by the RSGYC Code of Conduct for Young People (Click here to view)
      • Courses will run from 09:30 to 16:30 each day (14:00 for Sea Squirts). Supervision for sailors is not available outside of these times.
      • Daily lunch is provided for all sailors, with a different nutritious meal provided daily including a piece of fruit, a yogurt and fruit squash. We will provide a lunch for sailors with special dietary requirements, there will be one option only.
      • Sailors must have permission from their parents/guardians to leave the club premises during the lunch period or at any time during the course. Consent is provided for on the application form. Lunch break is usually from 13:00 to 14:00.
      • In order to encourage sustainability and green thinking for our young sailors, they are encouraged to have their own re- useable water bottles. These can be filled from our water fountains on the Forecourt.
      • If a sailor cannot sail on a day of the course they are not permitted to attend the Junior Course on that day.
      • If your child has a medical condition that requires extra attending, please put this in the comments section of your application.
      • A parent or guardian must be available at the phone numbers given at all times during the course attended and must be able to attend promptly once contacted.
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