Coaching Update

We have had several requests for clarification and instruction on how coaching and sail training is facilitated at the RSGYC, for this reason we have issued the following Sail Training Policy Guidance Document.

It is essential that as a Club we are informed and aware of all activities that take place from the Club to ensure that all Health & Safety policies are adhered to along with relevant Club procedures. Added to this are the Covid- 19 restrictions and social distancing requirements that need to be adhered to.

For the reference of all Club members and Class captains please see the document below which aims to set out the procedure for the planning of any training activities and how to request permission to your Club for the use of the facilities and equipment as required.

The RSGYC is renowned for excellence in sail training and coaching and endeavour to continue to streamline and improve our offerings for all Club members.

We are here to help and guide. Upon review, please feel free to contact the Sailing Office with any questions that you may have.

RSGYC Sailing Committee


Click here to view the RSGYC Sail Training Policy Guidance Document November 2020

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